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Urthy Scents’ 2024 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Unveiling the Perfect Tokens of Love

By jennifer rotondo  •   3 minute read

Urthy Scents’ 2024 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Unveiling the Perfect Tokens of Love

Hello, love birds!

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to embark on the journey of finding that perfect gift for your special someone. And hey, this isn't just a call to the gentlemen out there—Valentine's gifts hold the same magic whether they're from a lover, mom, grandma, sister, or best friend. Say goodbye to the cliché chocolate route (though I do love chocolate!), and embrace the gift of self-care. Opt for products that will not only captivate their senses 24/7 but also shower their skin with health benefits.

Feeling a bit lost? No worries, I’ve crafted a picture-perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide, taking the guesswork out of your shopping. Let's dive into my top picks for the most enchanting Valentine’s gifts!

Urthy Gift Sets: Elevating the Art of Gifting

Bath Time Bliss Gift Set:

Experience pure bliss with the Bath Time Bliss Gift Set, featuring Reed Diffuser, Body Salt, Body Oil, Wooden Spoon, and Body Scrub. 

Our 3-in-1 scrub exfoliates, hydrates, and moisturizes, while the body oil offers hydration, moisturization, and a radiant glow. The Reed Diffuser complements the body products by helping your loved one create a spa-like experience to relieve stress and tension at home.

Sunday Morning:

Every day can be like a Sunday morning with this fun pack, complete with a Turkish Cotton Unisex Bathrobe, Dry Brush, and Eau de Parfum. Our bathrobe, crafted from absorbent Turkish cotton, feels like a comforting hug, while the Eau de Parfum comes in 18 incredible scents sure to set you apart. 

These phthalate-free parfums are designed for both men and women to have a natural and approachable scent that gives an air of sophistication to the wearer.


This Get-a-way bundle is just what it sounds like: a portal to get away to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation while away from the comfort of your home. 

This bundle has a gorgeous Travel Bag, Exfoliating Mitt, Dry Brush, Cotton Scrubby, and a Gift Card. The mitts add a touch of exfoliation, unveiling a natural, healthy glow. Take some time to get away or relax wherever you are!

Kwench Duo:

In a pinch and need a set sure to bring a smile and promote beautiful skin? Look no further than the Kwench duo set, which includes our Body Scrub and Body Oil. Skincare that can be enjoyed by all, even on a budget.

Facial Rejuvenation and Face Relaxation:

These sets have similar goals while unlocking amazing and unique skin benefits! The Face Rejuvenation set includes our Face Iil and Derma Roller, while the Face Relaxation set includes our Face Oil and Gua Sha Black Bian Facial Stone.

The black stone may not immediately seem like a skin necessity, but this seemingly simple tool helps promote healthy skin by relaxing muscles and promoting tissue drainage when used gently on your face. While the Derma Roller helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Not Quite Sure? Explore More!

If you're looking for something a bit different, our website offers a plethora of options sure to make your special someone feel loved. And when in doubt, the gift of choice is always a winner. Opt for a gift card, allowing them to select their favorite items and scents.

May this guide help you and your loved one have a Valentine’s Day filled with love, care, and cherished moments!

Spread Love & Live Urthy ~ Jen

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