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Healing Dry Skin Starts in the Shower: Dive into the World of Urthy SŌWP

By jennifer rotondo  •   3 minute read

Healing Dry Skin Starts in the Shower: Dive into the World of Urthy SŌWP

Suffering from dry skin? I’ve been there, and let me tell you that I know it isn’t fun. There are so many products out there that claim to help with dry skin, but after trying several of them, I began to notice that they either made my skin dryer or didn’t make a difference at all.

That is why I decided to create products that would nourish the skin and treat dry skin. Soap is often overlooked in the journey to hydrated skin, but your choice of soap plays a pivotal role in nurturing your skin. After all, healing dry skin starts in the shower.

Today, I’ll introduce you to the ingredients in our SŌWP products so you can discover how they can transform your shower into a healing and hydrating sanctuary.

1. Foaming Body and Hand SŌWP: Hydration in Every Pump

Revitalize your skincare routine with our Foaming Body and Hand SŌWP. Crafted to dissolve impurities while boosting skin hydration, this creamy foaming wash caters to various skin types, including sensitive and dry skin. Naturally derived plant extracts create a protective moisture barrier, leaving your skin refreshed and lightly scented. Key ingredients like coconut oil moisturize, while olive oil and jojoba oil combat aging and acne.

For those who are combatting acne, this SŌWP is a true life-saver as it hydrates damaged skin while cleansing it of impurities. Something all of us wish we could have found a little younger, I’m sure! 

How to Use: Pump onto wet skin from the neck down, lather, and rinse thoroughly.

2. Whipped Body SŌWP: Luxury in Every Scoop

Immerse yourself in luxury with our Whipped Body SŌWP. This nourishing soap creates a creamy, bubbly lather, cleansing and leaving your skin soft and supple. Hydrating ingredients form a protective moisture barrier, ensuring your skin stays pampered. Free from harsh chemicals, this whipped body soap is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and dry skin. Rosemary leaf extract soothes and tones, making it ideal for those prone to oiliness.

Did you know that toner is one of the most recommended skincare products for all skin types, whether oily, acne prone or clear? This whipped SŌWP utilizes toning properties in its Rosemary leaf extract, so you can accomplish two tasks in one!

How to Use: Scoop a desired amount, apply while showering, create a foam, and rinse thoroughly. Perfect as a shaving soap.

3. Bar SŌWP: Tradition Meets Hydration

Step into the realm of natural cleanliness with our handmade Bar SŌWP. Produced in small batches using the traditional cold process, this soap soothes and moisturizes, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. The trinity oil blend of coconut, olive oil, and RSPO palm creates a cleansing lather free from harsh chemicals. Kaolin clay detoxifies, absorbs excess oil, and maintains optimal pH levels.

Did you know your skin’s pH levels matter? It’s something that I hadn’t even considered before starting on my skincare journey, but your skin’s pH levels determine whether or not your skin will be clear, dry, oily, and more. If you feel like your skin could have an imbalance, take my recommendation and try our Bar SŌWP!

How to Use: Wet your skin and the soap, create a lather, apply to your body, massage gently, and rinse thoroughly.

Summation: Every Shower, a Step Towards Radiant Skin

Urthy SŌWP is your partner in every cleansing moment, a step towards healthier, happier skin. So, why settle for a tired routine when you can have a skincare ritual that transforms your shower into a sanctuary?

Trust me, I’ve been there and know how frustrating it can be to try to determine how best to care for your skin with so many products available. That’s why I created Urthy just for you! 

~ Live Urthy, Jen.

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