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Complementary shipping on orders over $50.
Complementary shipping on orders over $50.

Each gift is a treat to pamper yourself, loved one, or friend. For specific details on each product visit that product page.

Each gift set is made up of individual products. For more details about any product please visit that product page.

All gifts come in our Urthy Scents box packaged with care.


All our products are handmade with love on the west coast of Florida! Visit our store today of you're in the area!

phthalate-free scents

phthalate-free scents

Phthalates are synthetic compounds found in many items including home, bath and body products. This compound is an endocrine disruptor, a substance that interferes with the body's hormonal balance.

We only use scents that are phthalate-free in our vast collections of natural smelling scents that are unique and sophisticated, incorporating pure essential oils from around the world.

THE URTHY universe

We've spent years working on crafting just the right scent for each of our 13 collection to take you on a fantastical scent journey! Tour the Urthy Scents universe by viewing our collections.

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