The Art of Scent Layering

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The Art of Scent Layering

Let’s be honest…being a fragrance fanatic is a full-time job. Even when you think you’ve found your signature scent, there are still dozens more at your fingertips. Some may fit your aesthetic more in certain moments than others (such as a chill evening vs. partying nights) or become a part of your personal brand as your style evolves. Therefore, it’s natural to wonder how you’re supposed to choose a perfume bottle off the shelf, when it’s basically like asking to pick your favorite child? We have a solution: scent layering.


What is scent layering?

Scent layering is precisely what it sounds like…a technique that consists of applying up to three fragrances on the body to invent a signature scent. These concoctions are entirely your own and can be mixed and matched at your convenience for any occasion! Can’t choose between earthy or aromatherapeutic vibes? Try perfumes with notes of cinnamon and vanilla, respectively, to get the best of both worlds.

How about a floral medley that’s both sweet and sexy? A rosey fragrance adds a touch of innocence while jasmine has the allure aspect covered. There are endless combinations to take your scent layering game to the next level, and you’ll be showered with compliments as you experiment with your own custom fragrances.


The Layering Lowdown: Tips for Effortless Scents

Start with a Sugar Scrub Base

The first secret to scent layering? Every work of art starts with a blank canvas, and your fragrance concoction is no exception. Start with our exceptionally moisturizing sugar scrub. The scent of the sugar scrub base can be bold since this is the base of your layering plus your skin will thank you!


Next, Apply a Body Oil

After your shower, apply your favorite scented body oil. Not only does the body oil keep you hydrated and glowing all day, but this layer of scent will mingle with the sugar scrub to develop your unique scent profile.


Finish with an Eau de Parfum

Finish your scent creation by layering an eau de parfum on to finish up this perfect scent trio. This can be the lightest of the trio as it will be the first scent people will smell.


Know Your Notes

Think of your scent layering journey like a song… a perfume medley in which each product possesses its own set of notes. You've got top notes (the opening number), middle notes (the heart of the fragrance), and base notes (those that stick around until the encore). We’d recommend applying heavier fragrances first so they won’t overwhelm the others, along with choosing scents from complementary collections to create a harmonious blend.

For example, let’s take a look at two of our Urthy Scents favorites - Bungalow Nights Eau de Parfum and Amethyst Rain Eau de Parfume. They may be polar opposites…with the first representing warm summer evenings and the latter being all about dewy and dreamy autumn days. But that’s precisely why they’re the perfect scent layering duo. Add the sensual blend of pistachio, tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang and more from Bungalow Nights to your wrist, before combining with the crisp citrus, marine water, and purple violets from Amethyst Rain. It’s an unlikely but ethereal duo that suits your personal brand through every season!

 The Trio of Perfection

When layering scents, three is the perfect number. Finding the holy trinity of fragrances will help you strike the perfect balance in your personal style.


Scent-sual Concoctions

Looking for some inspiration on where to start? Here are three combination to start your scent layering exploration:

Midnight Magic

With notes of brown sugar, ylang ylang and sandalwood this spellbinding trio is sure to grab attention.

Sweetheart Delight

With notes of pineapple, tangerine and jasmine this combination will give you happy vibes all day!

Green Goddess

With notes of eucalyptus, bamboo and ginger this earthy elixir will keep you grounded and centered while smelling fierce.

  • Silver Sage Body Sugar Scrub
  • Blushing Goddess Body Oil
  • Eternal Zen Eau de Parfum

NOTE: The links above will take you to learn more about each product and scent, but you can bundle your trio and save 10% by building your own Bundles here.


The Bottom Line

Casual reminder: there are no rules in scent layering! While we may give our recommendations for sweet-smelling fragrances, it’s all about which scents appeal to you and encompass your authentic self. So, feel free to work your magic and invent all sorts of flawless and custom scents…Urthy Scents can’t wait to see what you create!


 ~ Happy Layering!


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