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I called them "Groovy Baths"

By jennifer rotondo  •   2 minute read

I called them "Groovy Baths"

Here's a cute story for any parent that I just had to share...

My youngest son [30 years old] called me last night to catch up and we were reminiscing about when they were young. He proceeded to remind me that I used to give them what I called "Groovy Baths"!

We have 4 kids and they loved baths...especially groovy ones! It was really a form of bribery [a way for them to actually take a bath], but it also made bath time a super fun experience with them.

So here's what a "Groovy Bath" is...pretty simple. We would run them a bath with lots of bubbles, turn off the lights and light a candle. They thought it was amazing! ✨ We would suds up their belly with soap and draw their name on their tummies. Lots of laughs and smiles and relaxation during bath time. 

My son finished up our conversation by saying, "More people should do this, Mom. Give them a bundle so they can experience it for themselves!" He's sooo stinkin' cute.

I decided I need to spend some time treating myself to a "Groovy Bath" in the next couple of days.

So, for anyone else who's in need of a "Groovy Bath", here's a bundle for you. I'm feeling very generous since he's got me in such a good mood remembering those precious days! Click here to enjoy 50% off the Groovy Bath essentials ~ a candle and a bath bomb. I'll leave this discount up for two weeks!

~ Cheers to happy memories



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