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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Elevate His Routine with Urthy Scents

By jennifer rotondo  •   3 minute read

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Elevate His Routine with Urthy Scents

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show appreciation for the men in our lives. Whether it’s your father, husband, brother, or a close friend, finding the right gift can make the day extra special. This year, consider elevating his grooming routine with our products that are specially created with the best ingredients for his skin. 

Some of our featured scents that men love are Fjord, Hinoki Woods, Lido, Native Ink, Rumor, Salt Lands and Wild Indigo. These various options ensure that you will find a scent that he feels connected to.

To make this Father’s Day one to remember, we have created a curated gift guide featuring some of our products the father in your life is sure to love. 


1. Beard and Face Oil

Our KYŪR beard and face oil are essential for any man who takes pride in his grooming routine. These oils moisturize the skin, soften beard hair, and provide a healthy glow. Our beard and face oil comes in a variety of scent options that cater to different preferences.

Our beard and face oil is a blend of 11 botanicals that combine to create a balance of benefits for his skin, including anti-aging, firming, skin rejuvenating and regeneration, brightening, hydration, and moisturization. 

In short, this oil is the perfect gift to help the dad in your life keep his healthy and youthful glow! 


2.  Body Oil 

After a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than some self-care. For the busy dad, our Kwench Body Oil is the perfect gift of relaxation. 

This body oil can be summed up in two words: hydrating and moisturizing. This oil helps brighten and soften skin while providing firmness and elasticity to the applied areas. 

This body oil can also be applied on the go, as it is quickly absorbed into the skin. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a busy, on-the-go dad, this may be the perfect gift.


3. Body Lotion

Don’t let your dad suffer from dry and dull skin. In today’s world, there is no excuse for dry skin, and that’s the truth!

Give your dad the gift of hydration with our beloved Kwench Body Lotion, which provides instant moisture and hydration to skin of all types.

This lotion not only hydrates the skin but also creates long-term hydration by repairing and reinforcing the skin below the first layer. 

Our lotion contains active ingredients that go deep into the skin’s cell structure to make hydrated skin last up to 72 hours before the next application. 

4. Body Scrubs

Like the body lotion, our KWENCH Body Scrub has hydration and moisturizing properties, but it goes a step further to include exfoliation, leaving the skin glowing and fresh. 

Our scrub can be paired with the body lotion for the perfect gift combination. 

Not only will his skin be hydrated and soft, but he’ll smell good too! 


5. Gift Cards

If you’re unsure which products to choose, a gift card is also a fantastic option. This allows him to select the products that best suit his preferences and needs, ensuring he gets exactly what he wants.



Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the men who have made a significant impact on our lives. By gifting him grooming products from Urthy Scents, you’re not only enhancing his daily routine but also giving him a touch of luxury and self-care. Whether you opt for a beard oil, a unique fragrance, or a comprehensive grooming kit, these gifts are sure to make him feel appreciated. Explore the full range at Urthy Scents and find the perfect gift to make this Father’s Day unforgettable.

Live luminously & Live Urthy ~ J

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