How to Define Your Personal Brand - Part 2

How to Define Your Personal Brand - Part 2

Apr 13, 2023jennifer rotondo

Part 2 of 2: Secrets to Finding Your Signature Scent

In part one of this series, I took you through a quick, step-by-step exercise to begin identifying and defining your personal brand. In part two, I’ll discuss how to choose the right fragrance to fit your personal brand, along with a few recommended fragrances to get you started.

Select the right fragrance family and scent notes

scent wheel

First, let’s narrow down the search for your signature scent. While there are thousands of scents in the world, they can all be be categorized into seven fundamental scents:

  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Minty
  • Nutty
  • Pungent
  • Sweet
  • Woody

Floral scents might be a single flower or a bouquet of floral scents. It might be lush and fruity, or light and evocative of a spring breeze. Fruity scents evoke images of orchards, spring days, and even forbidden fruits. Some fruity scents include green apple, fresh peach, juicy strawberry, and sugar plums. Woody fragrances are earthy and strong. They’re often associated with bolder scents and may include notes of cedar, oak, lavender, moss, sandalwood, and other scents. Sweet aromas embody a range of sugary and luxurious scents, and often include fruity notes, as well as hints of amber and vanilla. For more inspiration, explore our scent notes.

As you might already know, the best fragrances include multiple scent notes – high notes, heart notes, and low notes that make up a full, complex fragrance that truly embodies you and your personal brand. At Urthy Scents, we blend scent notes to create balanced, natural scents that help our customers express themselves more fully. Exploring scent notes is a great place to start, though, as you begin to define the scents and notes that will announce your presence and evoke the atmosphere and emotions you want people to associate with you. 

Find your signature scent in the Auras Collection

But how do you choose the best scent notes for your personal brand? Ali and I created the Auras Collection specifically for women who want to express themselves through fragrance. So, if you’re stuck on which scent(s) you feel most connected to, this is a great place to start. In the Auras Collection, we’re celebrating femininity and female empowerment in all of its forms. Read through our collection descriptions to see which one(s) resonate the most with you.

The Darling Duchess: Hopeful & Happy

If your phone is constantly blowing up with texts (and admit it – you love it) then you might be a Darling Duchess. You have a big circle of friends, and people are drawn to your enthusiasm. You cherish your relationships and make everyone feel loved. This limited edition signature scent opens with sweet peony and pomegranate, followed by cozy suede – like the perfect hug from your bestie.    

Bella Contessa: Loyal & Loving

You’re polished and poised, but not afraid to get saucy – especially when it comes to protecting the people you love. Bella Contessa embodies feminine softness and strength with notes of lavender and cashmere, mingled with neroli and greens. It’s a limited edition signature scent that’s bold and classic, all at once.  

White Tigress: Exotic & Energetic

People say you’re mysterious, but you know yourself like the back of your hand. You have a deep understanding of who you are and what you stand for. You trust your instincts and move through life energetically and effortlessly. As a limited edition signature scent – featuring vibrant citrus, golden honey, and spicy ginger – White Tigress encapsulates your courageous female spirit and its zesty kick will keep people on their toes – just like you!

Salty Maiden: Bodacious & Bright

Sweet, exotic, and intoxicating, you’re like a tropical drink in human form. You light up every room, and your sparkly personality encourages others to let their own lights shine. Fruity notes of melon mixed with fresh salt and alluring water lotus make this limited edition signature scent almost as irresistible as you.     

Be true to yourself – wear what makes you feel like YOU!

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When you’re ready to choose the signature scent that matches your personal brand, be sure to check out our selection of fine fragrances, home provisions, and candles. And, for more inspiration on building your brand and choosing incredible fragrances, follow Urthy Scents on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook. And stay tuned here for more fun and educational articles to help you express yourself to the fullest!

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