Candle Meditation

Candle Meditation

Oct 05, 2022jennifer rotondo

Candle Meditation (Complete Guide)

Meditation is the key to mindfulness. The only problem - it's challenging to drop into a meditational state. One way to make this easier is through candle meditation (also named trataka sadhana or candle gazing), as it allows your eyes to focus on natural light. 

The meditation practice has been around for years, with many people still doing it daily. To discover more about this, read below: 

What is candle meditation?

Candle meditation is commonly referred to as the traditional name "trataka sadhana," which roughly translates to "gazing ritual." It's a hatha yoga practice focusing on a flame that helps build meditation skills and the third eye called chakra.

The goal of this practice is to increase focus and awareness. It's thought that when meditators can focus on a single object, all facets of their existence will improve due to their new, clearer perspective and heightened awareness.

Benefits of candle meditation

The benefits obtainable from this mindfulness technique are excellent. According to those that actively advocate this, mention they receive the following benefits: 

  • Better spatial attention and memory
  • Improved concentration and cognitive performance
  • Enhanced mental state, better sleep, and improved eye health

Requirements for candle meditation

To practice this meditation technique to seek mindfulness has minimal requirements: 

  • A cozy, quiet spot to sit 
  • An appropriate, sturdy platform for your candle
  • A source of light or fire, most often meditation candles

As a bare minimum, this is everything needed. However, you can make the experience more intensive by including the following around the meditation environment: 

  • Water 
  • Stones 
  • Flowers 
  • Journal or book for inspiration 
  • Natural elements, like leaves or branches 
  • Pictures of teachers, loved ones, and communities 

Including these can enhance the experience and make it more meaningful. 

How to perform candle meditation

Once you have all the equipment ready, it's time to start embracing the power of candle meditation. Before beginning, memorize the below to avoid any disruptions during the process. 

  1. Find the best time of day for you.
  2. Locate a place that is completely silent and dark.
  3. Straighten up and hold the meditation candle at eye level.
  4. Inhale a few times deeply, then focus on your purpose.
  5. Start by setting a timer for one minute.
  6. Keep your eyes on the candle flame as it moves.
  7. As they arise, pay attention to your thoughts, then gently and uncritically let them go. Avoid engaging with them.
  8. Strive to blink as little as you can.
  9. Create the impression that your eyes are merging into one, activating the chakra of the third eye.
  10. Finish by expressing appreciation and promising to come back.


Now that you've read the above, you should completely understand candle meditation. Undoubtedly, it's a simplified and excellent way to dive into a meditational state. By following the above instructions, you can start as soon as today. 

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