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Sore muscle reliefMoisturizes skinNontoxic scentsGently cleanses skin

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Our commitment to you

Power from Plants


Our Bath Bombs are comprised of botanical ingredients to sooth your skin.


We steer clear of these endocrine disruptors.


This product is free from toxins including silicones, parabens, mineral oil and formaldehyde.

Power from Plants

Our Bath Bombs harnesses the power of botanicals to make this super fizzy experience.

Celebrating The Bath Bomb

Turn your tub into a luxury spa with our handcrafted bath bombs. Made with moisturizing hemp seed oil and shea nut butter, you can nourish your skin as you soak. Just drop one in and watch as it super fizzies and releases soothing aromas in a variety of our signature scents - all phthalate-free!

Featured ingredients

Hardworking superstars

Increases hydration and reduces inflammation. It also contains several antioxidants like vitamins A and E which help against the signs of aging.

This non-CBD oil, derived from hemp seeds, is moisturizing and a powerful anti-inflammatory. It’s also a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin.

Is a mild cleanser that gives you that clean feeling, brightens your skin, and removes any impurities by withdrawing toxins from the skin.


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Can't decide which scent to choose? Try them all! These are scent samples for ALL our products from Bath Bombs to Candles to Body Oil to Eau de Parfum.


Who We Are

Co-founders and sisters Ali and Jen began Urthy Scents after experiencing health concerns triggered by hormone-disrupting additives. Due to autoimmune issues, using clean and nontoxic home and body products was more than a preference – it was a necessity. They wanted high quality, pleasantly fragrant products without putting their health at risk. So, they decided to make their own. 

What started as a hobby – making clean-burning coconut wax candles during the coronavirus pandemic – quickly turned into a passion. Since then, we’ve expanded our product line to include body products, fine fragrances, home products, and bath products – all with safe, non-toxic ingredients.