Mineral Spring

Clay Minerals Eau de Parfum

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Fresh air and crisp linen mix with freesia and eucalyptus to create a bright opening. Beautiful sea salt and greenery keeps this scent light and airy with a hint of powder in the base that creates a tranquil ambiance.

Phthalate-free scentsMoisturizing


Harness the power of a signature scent with Urthy Scents’ Eau de Parfum.

We’ve all heard that scent is the strongest of our five senses, and has the ability to trigger memories like no other. Whether you want to be remembered for smelling floral and feminine, or sexy and adventurous (or anything in between!), your signature Urthy Scent is just waiting to be discovered.

Rich and refined, Eau de Parfums are designed to linger on the skin for up to five hours.

Hold 5-7 inches from your body, spray, and experience your signature scent. You wear it so well!


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Find Your Scent

An Eau de Parfum, or any scented product, is a personal preference…as personal as your hair color or style of clothing. It should be a natural extension of your personal brand. Another sensory way to describe what makes you YOU.

You won’t find many scents like our Eau de Parfums. Most of them have very unique and innovative scent profiles. Unlike single scent note perfumes or flowery perfumes, ours have a balanced profile and the essence of all our scents are very natural and approachable which lends to their sophistication.

An Eau de Parfum actually contains the second highest concentration of fragrance oil and it’s considered one of the most luxurious fragrance types.

They are made to last on the skin without giving people next to you a headache, or transferring onto someone else. The scent is prominent from morning to evening, and should still be detectable at night.

Embody your brand with a scent as unique as you with our Eau de Parfum.

Scenting Made Simple

Searching for a daily fragrance that’s alluring, refined and free from phthalates?

Look no further than Urthy Scents’ Eau de Parfum. We use fragrance oils free of phthalates so you can delight your senses without the worry. Spritz on your wrists, neck, and décolletage for all day of beautifully refined scent.