Spice Meadow

Blushing Goddess Car Diffuser


A gracefully bold scent with blushing florals and orange blossoms swirled with exotic black ginger, ylang ylang, and sandalwood all washed over with a hint of crisp bamboo and creamy powder.


Caution: Your car will smell so good you might just stop traffic.

Now you can take your signature Urthy scent on the go! Made with phthalate-free fragrance oil, it’s a safe way to bring big aromas with you on the go in our cutie wood and glass diffuser.

Don't be surprised when you start getting asked to pull double duty for car-pool.

Scent Notes of Washed Bamboo, Exotic Black Ginger, Creamy Powder, Orange Blossoms, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood.

Unscrew the wood top of the diffuser, remove the plastic stopper and discard, screw the wood top back on to fill your car with your signature scent. For a stronger scent, flip the diffuser until the wood cap has absorbed the base then flip back over and enjoy!

CAUTION: If the oil spills, clean up immediately as the oils can damage some finishes. This product contains alcohol, so do not use near open flames.


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Car Diffusers

Fill your car with your favorite Urthy scent! These little diffuser are a great way to bring big aromas with you on the go!


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Who We Are

Co-founders and sisters Ali and Jen began Urthy Scents after experiencing health concerns triggered by hormone-disrupting additives. Due to autoimmune issues, using clean and nontoxic home and body products was more than a preference – it was a necessity. They wanted high quality, pleasantly fragrant products without putting their health at risk. So, they decided to make their own. 

What started as a hobby – making clean-burning coconut wax candles during the coronavirus pandemic – quickly turned into a passion. Since then, we’ve expanded our product line to include body products, fine fragrances, home products, and bath products – all with safe, non-toxic ingredients.