Mineral Spring

Amethyst Rain Scent Tower Refill


Fresh rain droplets carry the scent of crisp citrus, marine water and purple violets tousled with woody cedar, fresh ozone and cotton energized by earthy musk.


This refill makes it simple to keep the scent flowing in your Urthy Scent Tower!

The Urthy Scent Tower quietly and cleanly distributes our long lasting natural smelling scents to bring the scent journey to you. This innovative cold-air diffuser disperses scents using filtered air rather than water or heat.

The Urthy Scent Tower has different strength options -- allowing you to use your scents efficiently and gives off a long-lasting aroma.

Scent Notes of Refreshing Sea Salt, Aquatic Wood, Lime Zest, Lemon, Green Floral, Violet, Musk, Cotton, Sweet Orange.

Set it and forget it. Pop up the top of the tower and unscrew the blue bottle. Pour your Urthy Scents Refill to the blue bottle. Screw the filled bottle back onto its top. Pop the top back in place.

Plug in your Scent Tower then adjust the fragrance strength from 1 - 9 depending oh now strong you want the scent.



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