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Complementary shipping on orders over $50.
Complementary shipping on orders over $50.

Simple and sleek...the Urthy Scent Tower is the easiest way to scent your environment!

The Urthy Scent Tower quietly distributes our lingering natural-smelling scents to bring the scent journey to you.

This innovative electric diffuser disperses scent using air rather than water. The Urthy Scent Tower has different strength options allowing you to use your scents efficiently and gives off a long-lasting aroma.


Nebulizing technology delivers a nano mist that spread throughout your space

Whisper quiet and waterless so no splashing like typical diffusers

Easy to use with a simple intensity adjustment buttons

Set it and forget it and easy to refill

Designed for larger spaces

Holds 4oz of our diffuser scent (scent available to purchase separately)

Cold air diffusion emits a dry nano-mist, leaving no residue

Begin your scent journey with the Urthy Scent Tower. Sleek and compact, this waterless nano mist scent diffuser features plug and play portability and the ability to change scents easily.


Nano Mist Technology

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Scent Your World

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Waterless Diffuser

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New arrivals

Urthy Scent Tower.

The best way to keep your home, office or shop filled with amazing aromas.

Simple to use...Push open the top, fill the bottle, replace the top and set your intensity...thats it!

Shop the Urthy Scent Tower and Scent Refills bottles today to fill your space with scent.

Fill Your Space.

The Urthy Scent Tower is a game changer. See how easy scenting can be with the Tower and our refills.