Desert Dune

Cactus Bloom Room Spray


This bright botanical scent is filled with sweet agave and cactus notes enhanced with fresh greenery and chrysanthemum petals, while patchouli grounds you with a pleasing earthiness.

What's inside?

Natural smelling sprayPhthalate-free scents


Instantly transform the atmosphere of any space with our luxurious room sprays. Infused with luxury fragrance oils and other thoughtful ingredients, our sprays offer a refreshing way to add some ambiance to your home.

Room sprays are an easy way to change the mood of a room. It’s a flameless alternative to scented candles and add fragrance to a space or fabric. Our room sprays leave a lingering scent. In any space.

Scent Notes of Cactus Flowers, Agave Nectar, Green Leaves, Green Floral, Chrysanthemum, Patchouli, Orange, Fir.

There are more ways to use the power of a room spray than to just simply freshen up a space with a few quick spritzes. Here are some more thoughtful ways that you can use a spritz or two of our room spray to give you long-lasting and delightful fragrance throughout your day:

Leave for guests in the
~ Bathroom
~ Pet’s bedding
~ Freshen-up your closet
~ Mist fabrics and linens

Shake well, and spray to fragrance space.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, rinse with water for several minutes. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.

This product contains alcohol, do not use near open flames. Do not consume and keep away from children or pets. Use only as directed.


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